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Since 20 years we have been an active and creative part of the LED lighting revolution. Industry stakeholders asked us to create a new, yet to say, ideal lighting standard. They asked us for an efficient, miniaturized, versatile and standardized lighting tool, which comes with a professional range of high-quality optics in the always same form factor, working for all applications.

We, a group of six partners, with a strong background in various areas of the lighting industry. Curious?

what to 

The design approach of the new product follows the idea of ideality to provide maximum performance at minimum use of resources and impact on the environment.

It offers plenty of beneficial functions at an unmatched quality for its size and will be faster and cheaper in production, assembly, shipping, installation, maintenance and if, at all, in recycling. The use of energy is comparable or even better as in state-of-the-art solutions.

16,4 mm

in diameter with max. 4000lm of light output


precision optics for the best lighting results

magnetic luminaire holder

for easy handling, installation, and replacement

180 lm/w

max. light source efficiency supported by min. use of materials

no limits

for your imagination to light up a room or create your own material or building integrated luminaire



experience the ideal light system

Lumami® DESK

the award winning first apl product

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what our
stakeholders say


A product that can be easily integrated into the building structure. Clean ceilings and a seamless look. The ideal synergy between architecture and lighting! 

lighting designer

A combination of simplicity and variety. The product is easy to plan and always allows new ideas to be implemented!


A short lead time and a minimal, defined product range allow for minimal stock-keeping, with maximum flexibility!


Easy and quick installation and commissioning. Short delivery times and trouble-free order planning are convincing!

facility manager

A product that is easy to replace. Reliable information about performance and support for maintenance!


A uniform appearance in design for a coherent overall concept. Low costs due to long service life, low energy costs, as well as low maintenance costs! Ideal!

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