what is special about
our solution?

Invention of the worldwide first lightsource-luminaire system at the cross section of a penny

The fluorescent tube is transfered into a light fixture based on brand new socketable systems

Enabling new ways for existing, similar/adjacent or new market players to interpeatate lighting and integrate or make a lighting fixture

At the fraction of the size, weight and cost as state of the art solutions



LTwo® stands for Light Tube with Optics.

A modular, miniaturised light source-luminaire system with a diameter of just 16.4 mm, based on a T5 tube. 13 high quality precision optics from always one form factor and a wide range of accessories for all lighting applications.

The lamp becomes a luminaire in the simplest way. Professional lighting thus becomes a plug & play solution and can be integrated into materials and building structures of any kind without much effort. We thus make it possible for anyone to use professional light in any application and to produce luminaires themselves.

The product has a newly developed multifunctional lamp/light holder for easy, toolfree, magnetic mounting and angle adjustment in +/-20° as well as a locking mechanism. A coded system allows safe operation of lamp luminaires with different operating currents in Constant Voltage or Constant Current. Available in 140, 280, 560, 840, 1120, 1400mm lengths with a lumen output of 3000 lm/m. Minimal material consumption (180g/m), interchangeability, recyclability and high effi ciency (up to 180lm/W) make LTwo® very environmentally friendly.

Lumami® DESK

Lumami® DESK - A desk lamp with the qualities of a pendant luminaire

Sometimes you have to compromise to create the ideal. Ideality is achieving the maximum of function by using the minimum of resources.

Lumami® DESK combines the best features of all lighting systems for an ideal result! The absolutely homogeneous and complete illumination of the workplace in unprecedented quality!

Advantages of a pendant lamp, combined with the individuality of a desk lamp and the high performance of further lighting systems like grid ceiling or floor luminaires, for ideal workplace lighting, in compliance with DIN standard EN 12464-1

Lighting intensity >750 lux
Glare limitation through UGR <16
Uniformity through special developed optic for Lumami® Desk

At first glance, this may look like something you need to get used to and it may raise some questions... and that‘s what it‘s supposed to do!

But from the result you will be convinced!

  • Our optical modules come in an efficiency range of 65% to 90%, depending on the optic. This is industry standard or better. Especially, to consider that our precision optics use the light more efficient in the indented application. Therefore, the product is much better tailored to meet and exceed green building standards in architectural and lighting design

  • Based on all of the above our product, due to its miniaturization, uses about 90% less space and raw material as comparable industry products. This does not only protect the scarce resources of our environment, as well it reduces overall carbon emissions in storage, packaging and transport

  • In recessed application the product will cause no additional measures for structural modifications which normally lead to additional use of construction material

  • LTwo® uses a low number of parts with recycling friendly materials. Having no screws it can easily be dis-assembled. Aluminum: 124 gr/m., Plastic: 49,5 gr/m, Electronic comp. 5,5gr/m.

what do we offer 
our stakeholders beyond aesthetics


integration & vision

  • Minimal architectural impact (clean ceiling)
  • Sufficient light levels for all applications
  • Easy building and material integration
  • Continuous (seamless) optics for linear applications
  • Reliable product
  • Enabling green designs

lighting designer

ease & performance

  • Reliable planning data.
  • Easy to plan.
  • Easy building and material integration
  • Full range of quality and precision optic from same form factor and socket
  • Light quality
  • Minimum impact from design perspective


ease - think of me

  • Simple specification to order documentation
  • Simple commissioning
  • Simple and rapid installation
  • On site customization from standard parts
  • Easy to handle on site due to min. packaging and storage
  • Late stage finishing option

end user

lasting endurance & connection

  • Long lifetime
  • Low energy cost
  • Light quality
  • Low maintenance cost
  • Exchangeability
  • Harmonic appearance due to building-/ material integration

facility manager

easy life

  • Easy and rapid replacement
  • Easy specification through product life
  • Easy adaptation to new use case



  • Defined minimal product range
  • Minimal storage and shipping
  • Clear for product picking
  • Short lead time


Our products have already received their first awards: - the reddot Award for LTwo®: Product Design 2023 - in the category „Innovative Products“ and „Winner“ in the category Product Design – Luminaires. As well as the ICONIC award for LTwo® and Lumami® DESK for innovative interior design concept.

The Red Dot Award is a prestigious international award that is presented annually, honoring outstanding achievements in the fields of design and innovation. Since its establishment in 1955, the Red Dot Award has established itself as one of the most respected design awards worldwide. 

The Iconic award for innovative interior design concepts is an industry award that recognizes the work of outstanding designers and creative architects. The award is gaining increasing importance in the industry and is awarded every year by a panel of experts.

Innovation and creativity are the pillars of this award, which are reflected in the winners themselves. The awarded designs are characterized by playing with new shapes, colors, and materials, creating unique interiors that impress and evoke emotions.

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