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Professional lighting becomes plug & play

With LTwo®, professional lighting becomes a plug & play solution for everyone. It is no longer the sole preserve of the luminaire industry to produce professional lighting solutions; with LTwo®, everybody can do it himself in the twinkling of an eye.

We offer a plug & play system solution for technically professional lighting, for almost any lighting application, which can be installed and/or integrated into materials and buildings without much training.

All Purpose Lighting.

The ideal light!


maximum flexibility to make spaces tangible

The task of lighting design is to shape light to make spaces experienceable according to their intended use. Where do I want the light? Where shall it come from? Which tools can I use? LTwo® makes the connection.

work environments

Office • Classrooms • Meeting rooms

interior spaces

Corridors • Staircases • Living Spaces • Entrance Halls




Shelf • Do it yourself • Material integration • Building integration


Hotels • Restaurants • Bars

public facilities

Museums • Airports • Librarys • Hospitals


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