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The market is highly fragmented due to the many technology changes – from the light bulb to the LED - and the history, where luminaire manufacturers have built solutions for the specific applications.

This development also led to many players in the market and no true leader, which deliver more or less the same concepts.

Thinking out-of-the box, we at APL created a standard lighting solution system, similar to a “LEGO toolbox”, which fits all purposes, is easy to handle, sustainable and very price-attractive with the goal to create a new standard in the lighting industry for all purposes.


Our products are always of the same and innovative idea as also our claim and company name says: the idea of the ideal light for all purposes.

Maximum output of performance and flexibility with minimum use of materials and resources. The two series LTwo® and Lumami® DESK form the starting point of our portfolio. From LTwo® we start the further journey into more and more facets of professional lighting, which we make accessible to everyone and thus make professional lighting a plug & play solution. LTwo® can stand on its own and becomes a luminaire itself with simple accessories, but LTwo® is also the light source for the products in the Lumami® luminaire series.

An innovative luminaire holder system enables the greatest possible flexibility and thus the exchange of light sources, the adaptation to changing room situations, as well as the change of light colors and beam angles according to one‘s own taste or the upcoming lighting task, as well as integration into materials or building structures of all kinds.

Ideal light for all purposes!

Further system solutions, functional and design-oriented luminiares around LTwo® and Lumami® are already in the starting blocks and let LTwo® and Lumami® merge into a lamp/luminiare concept that has never existed before, which in its entirety opens up new possibilities in terms of planning, room design, installation, maintenance through to disposal, thus guaranteeing a responsible use of resources and the environment.



A modular, miniaturised light source-luminaire system with a diameter of just 16.4 mm, based on a T5 tube. 13 high quality precision optics from always one form factor and a wide range of accessories for all lighting applications.

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Lumami® DESK

Lumami® DESK combines the best features of all lighting systems for an ideal result! The absolutely homogeneous and complete illumination of the workplace in unprecedented quality!

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Thanks to the easy-to-mount accessories, LTwo® can be easily integrated into almost all materials and building structures. Professional lighting with LTwo® becomes a plug-and-play solution thanks to the simple accessories.

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To create the ideal lighting standard for all purposes!


Our lighting solutions are innovative, intuitive and easy to install and due to their miniaturization and the sustainable and mindful use of resources, they are affordable, superior quality and inspirational in the fi eld of consumer, industrial and architectural applications!



different • trend-setting • imaginative • ingenious • creative • impressive


focus on people • diverse • honest • resistant • friendly • unprejudiced


responsible • competent • powerful • stable • reflected


passionate • open • flexible • brave • active • agile

partner oriented

service oriented • solution-oriented • simple • helpful • empathic

superior quality

consistent • ecological • sustainable • efficient • forward looking • exemplary



Integration of innovative technologies makes good lighting even better, more efficient and more ecologically sustainable. It is the driver that makes us strive to invent the ideal lighting solutions.


We anticipate the needs of our customers and provide adequatly innovative solutions and services. We inspire our customers with innovative solutions and services for increasing quality of life, with the lowest impact on environment. We give full & reliable support to our customers and partners. We deliver on our promises!


The shareholders share a passion for the ideal light. They actively contribute their expertise to the company. They are happy to pass on their knowledge to management and employees through active topic sponsorship.

social responsibility

We respect freedom, democracy and human rights and the laws and cultures of others. We make a responsible contribution to the supply of light. We use resources consciously and also involve our suppliers in this responsibility.


Our employees make the company successful. Flat hierarchies, team culture and sporting fairness encourage personal commitment and independence. Our employees identify completely with our corporate philosophy, for a harmonious, and diverse together.


That is why we also make it our business on the management side to create an atmosphere of trust, with responsibility and effi cient work. We live our values authentically and enjoy teamworking. We promote diversity and help our employees to reach their goals. Change is an opportunity for the better.


Standardized and miniaturized light directing illuminant with innovative lampholder concept(s) for easy adaptation and integration into all types of materials and/or building infrastructure using commonly available installation materials.

Easy and intuitive for the craftsman/installer to understand, apply, specify/configure, order, store, install and replace.

Minimal use of materials (embodied carbon) in production and building integration (static intervention) and contemporary energy effi ciency (operational carbon).

Can be used in almost all lighting applications from decorative to technically sophisticated general lighting.

Turn the rules of the established lighting market around. Allow „building“ OEM‘s to easily integrate the LTwo® into their systems with a minimal number of SKU‘s. Move luminaire construction to the construction-site with largely lowskilled personnel.

Creates new values and revenue streams.

Makes professional lighting more affordable for everyone.


As a partner of Plant-My-Tree, we contribute to the reforestation of the forests in the southern Harz region. For every Lumami® DESK sold, Plant-My-Tree plants a tree in this region. Our green contribution to a balanced eco-system.

With the help of many partners, PLANT-MYTREE® has already given life to more than 1,000,000 trees, as well as connecting more than 60 different projects throughout Germany.

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